You Only Have A Profitable Business If….

By Geoff Martin, - In Entrepreneurs

Picture of a maze on a wall

You Know and Do the Important Things. You only have a profitable business if people know what you deliver, they’re willing to pay for it, and your money coming in is greater than your money going out. So, know your core business message and offering, and learn how to communicate that effectively. Then develop simple and cost-effective systems to market your business and generate leads, to convert those leads into clients, and to give fantastic service and generate repeat/additional business. Schedule time every week on these important ‘client-focused’ activities – don’t get caught up being so busy with urgent work you put them off!

By Julie Johnson,  I’m known as the Step into Success Coach, and I guide business women to build a profitable business and live a happier life, so they’re successful on their own terms. 

Image credit: Michael Coghlan