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By Henry Reith, - In Entrepreneurs

Picture of John Bradford Welcoming People To The Techstars Demo Day

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Techstars is one of the most prestigious tech accelerator programs in the world. It is famous for producing high growth companies with highly innovative ideas. It is for this reason we chose to attend the Techstars Demo Day that was held on the Friday 20th February 2015 at the Genesis Cinema in London to see the Techstars trends this year.

At this years demo day we saw the class of winter 2014 looking to solve three challenges faced by businesses and consumers today.

Techstars Trends Class of 14/15

Managing Knowledge

There is no doubt about it the knowledge economy is here. This is presenting new challenges for everyone from the multinationals to the small to medium size businesses that power our economies. One of the big challenges faced by everyone seems to be making the information easy to access on an as needed basis. As demonstrated at Techstars demo day RainBird have decided to take on the task of solving this problem. Another issue that is currently being faced by many companies is how to interpret and understand the knowledge they have on customers. Big Data For Humans who also demoed at Techstars demo day are looking at this problem by helping to visualise knowledge and data.

The issues on knowledge and how to manage it are getting bigger by the day and this is a topic we will dig deeper into over the next few weeks with some of the Techstars. So stay tuned!

Speeding Up Business

The speed of which business is happening is increasing everyday. Much of this speed has come from optimizing old systems and work practices first designed in the 90’s and early 00’s. Now it’s time to design systems for the economy of today. The speed at which databases access data is now such a big part of how fast a company can make quick, educated decisions. This is where a company such as GeoSpock are here to change this. They demonstrated their system at Techstars demo day showing  their new way of approaching the organisation of databases. Their system can perform database operations in just 8% of the time that big industry leaders take to do the same operation.

We have only scratched the surface on the big challenges being faced by businesses and we’ll be covering it in further detail in the coming weeks.

Shared / Social Growth

We have all seen the rise of social anything in the past few years, however this is only the tip of the ice berg. Over the next few years we expect to see this sector explode with everything from business ownership, to the way you think about hiring. Two companies in this space that demonstrated their products at Techstars demo day were Swarm, the platform to crowdfund your company & Bidvine a service to get potential contractors bid for your day to day jobs.

Again this is a subject we will be coming back to over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

For a full run thought the top Techstars Trends we saw at techstars demo day please check out the above articlecast.

What challenges and trends are you seeing in your industry at the moment that we should all be aware off?


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