Why You Should Evaluate Tasks From An ROI Perspective

By Geoff Martin, - In Productivity

Picture of three scrabble pieces that say 'ROI'

Evaluate every task, meeting or decision from an ROI perspective and ask yourself what the contribution is to your company’s growth, profits and goals. If your company is addicted to meetings, have you ever stopped to calculate how much the average meeting costs you? Just take the average compensation per person divided by the number of work hours in a year (2,080) and multiply by the number of people and again by the number of hours. That doesn’t mean companies shouldn’t have meetings; it’s more of a reality check to make sure you’re maximizing the value of every meeting you have. The same thing applies to writing code. Some companies require that every line of code written has ROI for the company. That ROI might be intangible, but ultimately, the question to ask is whether the task or activity you are engaged in is contributing to the goals you’ve set forth for your company. If it’s not, then ditch it and focus your time and energy on value adding activities.

Contributed by Jess Tejani, Director of Finance and Operations, HiringThing

Image credit: lendingmemo