Why Is A Balanced Lifestyle Important As A Young Entrepreneur

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Saeed Jabbar on Why Is A Balanced Lifestyle Important As A Young Entrepreneur

In this video, Saeed Jabbar, a top young entrepreneur from New York, talks about why is a balanced lifestyle important as a young entrepreneur. Working constantly can be detrimental if you don’t balance it out with fun and time to relax.

He sees so many hyper focussed young people who get to the point where they are so logical that they are illogical. But if you branch off, focus on other things like your relationships, art, other hobbies, then more opportunities can come your way in life. Plus, like Saeed says, his main goal is to become the best version of himself. So that’s why he likes to ‘branch off’ and do various things with his life.

Why is a balanced lifestyle important?

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Transcript – Why is a balanced lifestyle important?

SAEED JABBAR: It’s definitely—you know, as a man, I want to be the best possible version of myself that I can possibly be.


SAEED JABBAR: And, you know, I see in the tech community and even the music scene a lot of people are very, very hyper-focused in just one thing specifically, and they forget all of these other areas in life, and then we suddenly wake up one day, and we are like, shit, my health is really shit right now. You know—my relationships are crap and all this stuff. But it’s like, yeah, I may have a boatload of money in the bank, but all these other things are just out of line, and you know, over time once money is handled, you realize that relationships and connecting with people are very important because, you know, our time is really limited on this planet. That’s one of the only finite things we have and ideally each one of us is here to do something great, but we’ve really got to discover what that is.

And if you’re just stuck doing one thing all the time, as DJ Armin van Buren says, never get trapped in your own style. You know, you miss out on all the other things, and the way I view it is sort of like, you know, a tree, you know, growing. There’s a branch coming out here, and maybe a branch is health. And maybe a branch is, you know, relationship—one is wealth and stuff like that, but they all come get back into the stem of the tree and keep on growing. And that’s why, I mean, and that’s how new ideas are created. If you are too stuck in one thing, you miss out on a whole new paradigm of existence.


SAEED JABBAR: And it’s really—for me personally, it’s changed my life completely because if you asked me when I was 10 years old if I would ever get into the music industry, I would say, hell no. But, you know, look where I am today, and a perspective, you know, people in the tech industry tend to be very, very logical to the point where they are illogical, and that’s why I like the arts and the humanities. And that’s why I think a lot of people even programming should be a liberal art because all these things really open your mind up to the wider world out there, and you know, you see a broader perspective of life in the Universe than just like one narrow perspective all the time every day.


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