Why Focussing On 12 Minute Bursts Can Improve Your Productivity

By Geoff Martin, - In Productivity

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Becky Robinson, CEO of Weaving Influence and author of “12 Minutes To Change Your Day” says to focus on small bursts of 12 minutes at a time. In 12 minutes, a business owner could work on their company’s social media presence, send important emails or even write a blog post. “Consistent, focused effort is critical” and recommends setting aside time on your calendar at the beginning of the week: block in time.
She continues with three tips to do this:

Becky continues with three tips to do this:

1. Make a commitment that is as firm as any other appointment. Write it down or add it to your electronic calendar. Determine to keep the time sacred. When the time comes, you will be free to use it in the way that you

2. Plan how you will spend your time. In order to make your time as productive as possible, plan in advance how you will spend it. Will you write a blog post? Connect on Twitter? Look for new connections on LinkedIn? If you plan in advance, you won’t waste time staring at the computer screen wondering how to spend your time. Instead, you can just do the work you’ve set aside the time to complete

3. Build on your success. Make scheduling the next time block part of your regular routine. If you can, schedule in the same time every day or every week so that time spent building your social media presence will be a habit.

Becky encourages people to do this right now. Schedule some time in your calendar next week. Plan how you will spend your time (write it down.) And determine to use that time in a focused, productive way.

*Becky Robinson* is a social media strategist, author and founder of *Weaving Influence* leading a team of more than 20 skilled professionals partnering with authors and thought leaders to grow their online influence and market their books. Visit her site at www.weavinginfluence.com

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