Face to Face Advertising Is More Effective Than Social Media Advertising

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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A recent study in America by Gallup has shown some quite surprising insights into how effective social media advertising really is. According to the poll of 18000 consumers, only a tiny five per cent of people report ads they see on Facebook or Twitter having any impact at all on their purchasing decisions. In fact, 62 per cent of those questioned said that they pay no attention to social media ads at all. While Facebook and Twitter like to tell us that their ads are extremely effective, it seems that in reality, people use social media to connect with friends and find out news and information, rather than to hear from companies who want their business. Altitude Acquisitions is a leading UK direct marketing company, who know first hand why face to face marketing is a lot more effective than social media. Here, we see managing director Jessie Hughes of Altitude Acquisitions review why this is the case:

‘People now are bombarded with advertising messages on the social media platforms they use, as well as on the other websites they visit. It has become second nature to ignore them, in the same way that you might fast forward through the ads on a TV show you have recorded. Nobody likes to feel they are being advertised to, so there is an intentional disregard of social media ads. Additionally, because there are so many advertising messages on the web and in your email these days, any advert you place is competing with hundreds of others a person will see that day for their attention.’ Jessie Hughes, the managing director of Altitude Acquisitions began.

‘That is not to say that using social media as part of your advertising mix is a bad idea, of course there are certain campaigns that really lend themselves to this approach. What we should be taking away from this survey is that we should not assume that social media is the only and best way of marketing ourselves.’

‘Face to face marketing is much more effective at signing up new customers than social media, and that is a fact. Being able to put a face to your company helps people trust and understand your brand, and face to face marketing allows you to come across as a trustworthy firm who aren’t trying to slyly sneak ads in front of people all the time. We see great results when we work with our clients to put together face to face marketing campaigns, and we truly believe that in the modern age this is the most powerful way to stand out to your target market.’ Jessie Hughes of Altitude Acquisitions concluded.

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