Use Your Website To Automate Repetitive Administrative Tasks

By Geoff Martin, - In Productivity

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My best productivity tip for businesses is to consider using their own website to automate repetitive administrative tasks. Most businesses (especially small businesses) significantly underutilize their website, so they’re missing out on potential profits.

There are many strategies, but a simple example is by using website form submissions (i.e. online quotes, work requests, etc.) to automate the administrative intake process by integrating with cloud apps and web services. For example, when a quote is requested the following could happen instantly and automatically:

  • A draft invoice is created in FreshBooks (or any other invoicing app)
  • The contact is added to your sales CRM for followup
  • The contacted is added to your email newsletter
  • An appointment is scheduled in your calendar
  • A project is created in Basecamp (or any other project management app)
  • A summary is emailed and/or texted to your staff for quick followup

Those are just examples, but small businesses can easily shape this automated system to their workflow and integrate with the apps they’re already using. The result is less errors, faster followup, and less time wasted on administrative tasks.

This tip is from Gabriel Mays who is the founder of Just Add Content

Image credit: Glen Wright