Use Social Media to Remind Yourself to Follow-Up

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Brittany Berger. Brittany is the Digital Content Supervisor for, a chronic Netflix binger, and loves little more than reading and writing.

Use Social Media to Remind Yourself to Follow Up

Much of my job depends on building a strong network, like finding people to help promote content or building a group of guest bloggers for our site. Some of my favourite tips are below:

To me, the most difficult part of networking is remembering to follow up regularly with people so that we don’t lose touch. I’ll meet someone, and we’ll talk about future opportunities to help each other out, but if you go months without talking to them afterwards, that opportunity will fall through the cracks.

So I come up with ways to remind myself to keep in touch with my most valuable contacts. For one, I have a Twitter list that I try to keep small and manageable, with the Twitter accounts of people I know I need to keep up with regularly. Even just retweeting or responding to a personal tweet of theirs helps you stay at the top of their mind, and vice versa.

Additionally, I use several of LinkedIn’s contact manager features. You can tag contacts with any tag you wish to create and view all contacts with a certain tag. Some of my tags include “guest blogger,” “guest blogging opportunity,” and “role models.” You can also add notes to a contact so when viewing their profile, you can see, for example, that they’re planning a conference in March that you’d like to attend or speak at. Finally, you can even set reminders on LinkedIn to contact that contact in November about the conference’s speaker lineup. These features are kind of hidden LinkedIn tips but they’re extremely valuable. So use this to help follow up with people. 



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