How USA Soccer Have Advantage Of Connected Devices To Widen Their Brand

By Dr. John Tantillo, - In Marketing

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Moving forward in the 2014 brand winners and losers countdown we get to Brand winner number 2. USA Soccer.


Brand Winner # Two US Soccer

Who would think that American Soccer would have such a year? With the 2014 World Cup on every millennials’ hand-held device or state of the art visual media receiver, even TV ratings exhibited record high numbers. An estimated 26.5 million people in the U.S. watched Germany’s defeat over Argentina the Nielsen company reported. The game had 17.3 million viewers on ABC and another 9.2 million on the Spanish-language Univision. In addition, just over 750,000 people were watching the game during a typical minute online through services provided by each network along with 1.8 million unique viewers on ESPN’s WatchESPN app.This is by no means an accident and is based on real behavior change data. It is no secret that almost every male and female below the age of thirty played soccer as children. So it makes sense that it would be simply a matter of time till this sport received the respect in the US as it has around the world.

The lesson here is that brands are dynamic which means that they must adapt to changes in demographics if they are to survive. The product life cycle model which outlines the introduction, growth, maturity and decline stages of a brand is a good way to keep current and vibrant. The secret is to know where your brand lies within the cycle and then make the necessary changes to avoid decline. For American Soccer, it was this attracting a younger demographic (through youth programs) rather than converting the older one. This contributed to this brand’s long term growth and current ratings gold. And for us as entrepreneurs it’s always thinking about different market segments and how our brand can satisfy their respective group’s needs. When one thinks strategically an amazing thing happens—Growth. And of yes, it is always easier when you have branding new segments and marketing in mind.

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