How To Upgrade Your Branding In 2015 And Beyond

By Dr. John Tantillo, - In Marketing

Picture of a Guy Who Has Upgraded His Branding For 2015

The marketing and social landscape continues to change by the day at present. So here is a quick guide to upgrade your branding in 2015 and beyond.


Hi, I’m Dr. John Tantillo, the Branding Editor for Fridge Magazine.

If you are like me, staying in shape is a constant struggle

and if you run a business keeping it in shape is also a challenge.

To stay in shape it’s  “always be watching”

Watching what you eat, watching how much and of course watching your daily exercise routine

And in business it’s “always be branding” ABB

This means realizing that what works today may not work tomorrow

It means, observing how your customers have changed,
Why the market has morphed and
The new media challenges in reaching your customers

It’s simple,
By always be branding,  you place your customer needs first and your needs second.

It means if you are me, making sure that I find a better way for my customers to enjoy their food grilling experience even though I dislike the taste of grilling to my preferred conventional stove top. Oh the gustatory delights of sautéed anything!

It means remembering and reminding myself  CONSTANTLY of the all-important marketing recipe for branding success if we really want to be around in the future.

And it’s this:   It’s not about you, it’s rather all about your customer.

And to achieve this,
You must always be branding
by observing, your customers,
by analyzing the market that they are part;
and then assessing your message delivery options—
Today Facebook,
Tomorrow—Instagram and
beyond Who knows, Snap Chat?

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This is Dr. John Tantillo the marketing doctor  thanking you for stopping by and always asking you to keep marketing in mind!

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