“Un-Selling in Social Media”

By Shawna Bailey, - In Marketing

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Most companies – both large and small – know that they should be using social media in their business.  However, the answers as to the “why” and “how” of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + may not be so obvious.

Thankfully, Shannon Belew has written The Art of Social Selling, which is a comprehensive user-friendly book that answers both the “hows” (compose a minimum of two- to three comments daily) and the “whys” (those who use social selling in the sales process are more likely to see increased sales than their peers who are not using it).  In a gem of over 250 pages, Shannon Belew has written a book that will enable the reader to re-ignite their Social Media conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Shannon makes it clear that social selling (using social media) is not to replace other forms of marketing – especially when you find specific marketing techniques that are increasing sales for your business.

Social selling does not replace other forms of marketing; it is simply another valuable tool to add to your marketing kit.

The Art of Social Selling covers topics such as how to build online relationships with prospective customers, how to find your customers and clients, and how to develop and deliver quality content.  Shannon writes that there is an art to “Active Social Listening”, which means that in order to use social media effectively, you simply cannot make a post or comment and then drop away; you must stay in the conversation that develops to engage and progress contact and communication.

The reasons that many business owners and entrepreneurs start with Social Media and then drift away are numerous:  they feel they don’t have enough time to post, they feel they don’t have fresh content, or they’re not getting the Responses, Likes, or Retweets that they feel their efforts deserve.  However, The Art of Social Selling makes it clear that everything is done over time – Rome was not built in a day – and a network of prospects will not flock overnight.

Shannon explains that using social media effectively takes time, commitment, and attention to detail.  She cites many studies that have found that any sized business who uses social media has found a greater number of sales than those who don’t use it, and that by the time a prospective customer enters your “line of vision”, that they are at least mid-way through the buying prospect.

She states that social media has changed from the “lurkers and the pushers” to “un-selling” on social media; meaning that it is ineffective to simply make a post and then wander away, that engagement is key.

The Art of Social Selling is a must read for anyone within the social media network, as it has valuable advice on how to adopt a social strategy, how to master social “un-selling”, and tips on maintaining a social media schedule.  While you may hire businesses to complete your Social Media Calendar, Shannon’s book is still an essential read to make sure that such calendars are being completed effectively.

The Art of Social Selling is a must-have for any business owner!  And to go further into the subject click here to view the book right now. Tell me what you think about Un-Selling in Social Media in the comments below.


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