Why You Should Try To Create As Big A Web Presence As Possible

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Tom Clarke – a Philadelphia area home based freelance photographer.

Why You Should Try To Create As Big A Web Presence As Possible 

I settled into the area in late 2009 with no business connections what so ever and over the next few years I’ve developed quite a name for myself. In fact I was just voted one of the Top 10 Best Photographers in Philadelphia on Philly Hotlist and have effectively been #1 on Yelp for the last 3 years.

The number one lesson I share with others is to try to create as big a web presence as possible. The internet is like a giant pond and search engines seek ripples and splashes. Our brand is like a rock that we toss into that pond, and the more we have going on increases the size of our brand’s rock which in turn makes bigger splashes and ripples. So in addition to my website I have a blog, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and tumblr pages and all are linked up to each other.

Next thing to focus on is word of mouth. No amount of advertising can beat a strong referral and getting clients to sell you for you is a heck of a lot cheaper too! I encourage my clients to write reviews online if they are tech savvy or to send me something that I can add to my website later on. I’m in the process of developing a few new pages that will show clients reviews, corporations I work with, and links to where my work can be seen in media as well as where I may be quoted.

Last thing I suggest is get involved in the community and get out there and meet people. Never get comfortable with the work coming in, there will always be a time looming when the phones stop ringing so to ensure that doesn’t happen one needs to get out there a few times a week and put cards in folks hands.

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