Truthful Advice On Becoming An Entrepreneur

By John Whiting, - In Entrepreneurs

Peter Solway Young Entrepreneur Interviews Outta The Box TV Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

The life of an entrepreneur can be tough. People who are entrepreneurs already know this. But, people who want to become one don’t always know or understand this. The media can sometimes play a huge role in the misinformation of growing a business. Like recently, I saw an article about Whatsapp being acquired by Facebook and how the founder became a Billionaire overnight.

Overnight. That’s the key word here. It definitely was NOT overnight. What about the 5 years of working away for countless hours that ultimately led to this acquisition? There’s usually no mention of this.

I thought this was  great video from Peter Solway, a 20 year old entrepreneur who fell into entrepreneurship after visiting some seminars about creating a business online. Basically, he talks about having a go at entrepreneurship and, if it’s not for you, no harm done. But if you do well & actually enjoy it, well that’s fantastic. If you hadn’t tried it, you’d have never known.

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