Tips On How To Communicate With Customers Better

By John Whiting, - In Leadership

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Tips on How To Communicate With Customers Better

Do: First, you want to get to know the client on a personal level and not just another job task. When you get to really know someone you tend to care more about their business and want to do the best you can for them. Also find out their marketing goals and the big picture of what they are trying to accomplish. Give them on-going support from a qualified developer or designer, for whatever the project, after the project is done.

Websites are never really done on projects are always on-going, so it is nice to have an expert in their field be the main point of contact so that you aren’t bouncing around phone extensions. Lastly, communication is key. Always complete projects after talking with a client within 24-48 hours. Then contact them to go over the updates. If a client contacts you, return their phone calls and e-mails promptly, same day if possible.

Don’t: Don’t have multiple points of contact for a certain project. When projects get passed from one team member to another, something always gets lost along the way. It is best to keep the person that is communicating with the client on the project actually on the project for the duration of it if possible. Don’t argue or try to get the last word even if you know they are wrong. Just try to explain and educate so that they start to see your point and begin to agree with you. The customer isn’t always right, but they are ALWAYS the customer. Generally don’t do the opposites of the do’s. Don’t have unqualified employees and don’t communicate or do projects days or weeks after talking with a client.

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