The SMART-ER Rules for Better Business

By Shawna Bailey, - In Leadership

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While many Entrepreneurs understand the importance of developing SMART goals for business. They are often unclear of the steps to take, or unsure as to what impact it will have on their overall success (if you are not familiar with the Acronym SMART, please read more about it here).

Those who use SMART rules when planning business goals will undoubtedly see achievement and growth.  However, being SMART alone will not increase success as much as when one is creating SMART-ER rules for better business.

After you’ve written Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Related goals, you’ll need to go back on a regular basis to Evaluate and Revise.

Hence, you need to be SMARTER.


If you don’t review and assess your progress, then how will you know the extent to which it has been met?  Just as we receive Evaluations from our employer to monitor our progress within a company, we need to make sure that we evaluate our actions and provide feedback within the framework of our business goals.  You will need to evaluate your goals often and monitor how they are progressing. It is critical to understand that this step is conducted throughout the entire process (not just after this objective has been met).


This final step brings everything right back to the beginning.  After you have conducted your evaluation, you need to be flexible enough to account for any changes that have occurred, whether they are resources, time or responsibilities.  Life and business are not stagnant, and so you need to be continually in the position to adapt to your environment as challenges arise.  If you are not on target for meeting your goals, then this is a great time to tweak the game-plan a little bit.  Remember:  you never want to make too many changes at one time, as it will be impossible to understand which change made the impact.  Be sure to adjust things only a little bit (by one or two variables at most), so that you can accurately monitor and revise your goals.

Finally, be sure to keep your goals visible.  It’s never going to do any good if they are stuffed in a drawer somewhere that you only clean seasonally.  Be sure to post your goals in front of your workspace, so that you have a visual reminder of how to work SMARTER for your business.

I’ve created a worksheet to help you develop SMARTER goals for your business; use all the steps discussed to help you move your business to the next level.

Remember:  You want to be SMART to succeed in business, but you need to be SMARTER to create your edge against your competition.


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