The Secret Of A Productive Day

By Scott McCusker, - In Productivity

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Hello Fridge readers, this will be my first article so I wanted to dive right in and allow you to enter my personal life.

My business is in music, I am an agent to DJs, so my day is very unpredictable…it is also a high stress industry and the job can consume you, if you let it.

The job does get the best of me at times but I have put myself on a schedule. If you are a productivity freak like I am then you will love this post, many gems here for just a healthy lifestyle all around, and within your business life.

My Schedule

So my schedule goes like this

5am – 5:30am – Wake up
8am – 10am – Get important project work done or knock out a majority of the work
10am – Check email
11am – Social media chat
12pm – Work on projects
1pm – Check emails
2pm – Social media chat
3pm – Work on projects
4pm – Check emails
5pm – 8pm – Family / Personal time
8pm – Check emails
9pm – Casually work on written plan for the next day
10pm – On various evenings – artist development nights
11:30pm – 11:59pm – Bed

Ok so let me explain why I needed to stick to a schedule.

I would check my email so much and respond one email at a time and dive into these tiny fires that honestly could have waited and it took so much time away from my major projects that are important in order to grow my business.

Same with social media – I would get side tracked and wouldn’t focus on what works best on social media, that is to actually be social. Not so much checking out memes and updates from people I don’t personally know, and before you know it, an hour is gone.

Breaking Down My Productive Day

So let me break this all down for you and this works because I am in the industry I am in:

5am – 5:30am – Waking up this early allows me to have actual “ME” time. I meditate, work out, do yoga, drink my first cup of coffee, eat breakfast, you get the picture. This time of the day, there are zero distractions, it is magical.

8:30am – 10am – Start of my day so that’s that haha but I won’t go into email or social media and instead work on a project that needs my absolute focus. So these are the two to three main things I would write down the night before to focus on.

10am – Check email, really only responding to east coasters or international people due to time zone differences (I’m on the east coast) since this is their prime time – I have my to do list (Penultimate / Ipad) next to me to make note of the West Coaster email or emails that are more project based that will take more time.

11am – Social media time – this is when I will spend a good hour reaching out to djs / promoters / etc on the east coast and get an actual conversation going – a lot of my business is driven by doing this – not much the phone but Facebook chat and 11am is a good time for east coasters because the rush feeling hasn’t come over people yet.

1pm – Email – west coasters should be replying to messages now and the east coasters got through all their email as well plus by now I can start from the bottom and work up to the newest email and will get through the list a lot quicker than if I was to go one by one – this is called batch responding.

2pm – Social media – ok this is when I hit my mid west to west coast people up on messenger again for around an hour to start up conversations and generate deals – also will respond to my east coasters because by now I should have a response from the people who I reached.

Notice there are time gaps time between the times I jump into email and focus on social media – this time is spent working on projects to build my business so this would include calling people – designing things on Photoshop – the type of things I need all my focused poured into it for it to be a quality product / project.

Ok then 4pm rolls around – west coast lunch and east coast wrap up time for most and another batch of emails to go through.

Between 5 and 8 I will read, grab something to eat, listen to a business podcast or two so I can get my head right for my evening.

Also I have a little one at home and I love my wife so def going to spend quality time with her and my daughter.

Around 8pm – I’ll run through my emails only answering the important ones to not take to much time out of my time with my family.

9pm or 10pm – I’ll lock myself up for another hour or two depending to bang out a written game plan for the next day and then to work on development projects for my artists or my business as a whole to get that all done without to much distraction from anyone really since by then people have closed up shop.

Tips & Tricks

But Scott, why would you allow your top clients or your artists to wait 4 hours between emails – I don’t – I use my iPhone’s VIP email feature to lock in those people so I can respond quickly especially since my artists in the UK and other parts of the world are hours ahead of myself and they are my business so I will not let them wait more than an hour for a response.

Sticking to this schedule has served me well so far – I am getting more done since I don’t use email and social media as a distraction anymore but use it for what it is – a communication tool – also 3 to 4 hours is a perfectly reasonable time to get back in touch with someone via email – if something is extremely important and that person is outside of my VIP listing then they should have my cell phone number to either text or call me – most emergencies are usually resolved in 3 to 10 min anyway so I can step away from my work and put that fire out and jump right back in.

Almost forgot sleep, yup, just like many of you reading this. 11:30pm or right before 12am should be your goal. The amount of research out there about how important sleep is just nuts. 6 – 8 hours is the prime average it seems.

So give this a try and let me know how it works for you. What does you productive day look like?

Would be great to know if you found this helpful 🙂


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