The Problem With Business Cards, and 3 Key Points To Get The Follow Up You Want

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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The problem with business cards is small business owners especially try to cram every single peice of information possible onto them. Even better some even day call to get your quote on. I do admit there is a place for this, but for your business card you hand out at networking event’s and chance meetings this is not appropriate.

I am sitting here today going through 20+ business cards left over from last weeks meetings. I have a few people I want to talk to, so I’m going to make the effort to do so. And lots of people I would ‘like’ to talk to but if I didn’t I wouldn’t cry. I can’t believe how hard it is on some of these cards to no 1 find people’s name and 2 a place e.g email or phone number to ccc all them.

So when having new business cards designed or designing them yourself make sure these 3 peices of information are clear:
1. Your Name
2. Your DIRECT contact number e.g. Your cell or mobile number
3. Your email address.

Of secondary importance is:
1. Your website
2. 1 line of what you do
3. Your job title just to name a few

Having started the week with this I will continue the week with other business card tips and trips to help you make best use for them.

Talk to again soon.

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Get the magazine here: Indulge yourself with the most interactive magazine experience for entrepreneurs.


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    1. Dan Meadows on

      mmm, some food for thought, but i think it is important to have your title on the card for many reasons, firstly to show where you stand in your company and what power of decision making you have within the business!
      secondly having a website on your card is key for people to go your online business, also as another point of reference for you to look the persons business up!!
      Think your tips through Fridge!

      • Henry on

        Hi Dan,

        I ( agree both are important. As i said in podcast they are of still of secondary (not less) importance to your name and direct contact details. On the basis if people can’t easily identify who you are and how to contact you directly they won’t. As soon as they know this from your business card yes the next step if they look for your website and then position. What do you think?

        As with so many rules this is a general rule and there will also be exceptions.

        I will be talking about this subject of business cards more in coming podcast’s as it’s a hot topic in the world at the moment. And will do a special on the subject of position.

        Thanks for listening Dan. I look forward to hearing more of your views from you.

    2. Catherine Marshall on

      This is so true. If you connect me to your website, but not to any of your personal contact information, then you’re using business cards wrong. I do like when people direct me to their Linkedin profiles though. It’s a lot easier to get in contact with them that way.


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