The New PR Timeshare Program For Start-Ups & Small Business

By Henry Reith, - In Entrepreneurs

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Glass Lantern PR, a boutique public relations firm offering an alternative to traditional PR with its transparent client relations approach, announced today the launch of their PR Timeshare program. The PR Timeshare program will make basic professional media relations services for small companies and startups accessible despite their smaller budgets.

The PR Timeshare Program

By crowd-sourcing multiple companies within the PR Timeshare program, Glass Lantern PR is able to drastically drop the monthly cost for each member. The starting price per month for basic media relations services will be $1500 a month but that will drop based on membership by the end of the open enrollment period, which is September 1-30th.

The program also includes a referral incentive which would drop the monthly cost by $500 for any member which introduces Glass Lantern to a company which ends in a signed contract for a non-timeshare campaign.

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What’s Included?

What does membership in Glass Lantern’s PR Timeshare get a client?

  • Customized Media Lists targeting that member’s primary and vertical markets
  • Media Training of corporate executives
  • Branding and Messaging consulting
  • Anticipated Company News outreach– Press releases or pitches, outreach, and follow-up for all product/service releases, updates, corporate announcements, mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions
  • Sudden Company News –if something happens AFTER membership which was not put in the campaign calendar it is still covered under a company’s included services
  • Trade Show Attendance publicity
  • Awards and Speaking Opportunity submissions
  • PR Team Availability to answer any questions or discuss progress

“What we were seeing with a lot of potential clients was a real need and desire for PR, but a complete lack of budget,” said Joshua Kail, Co-Founder of Glass Lantern PR. “The Timeshare Program was created with the purpose of offering these great companies access to an elevated level of media relations services while making it economically feasible.”

More information on the program can be found or email


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