Techniques To Help Improve Your Customer Service

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Tanielle Lobo of Check-In London

Techniques To Help Improve Your Customer Service

Here at Check-in-London, customer service is at the core of our business so here are some of the factors that make up our customer-winning formula.

Whether you are dealing with clients in person, via the phone, email, livechat, social media or just about anywhere else, you have to put knowledgeable, helpful and friendly team members on the front line. These are the people who know the product you sell, are confident and engaging, thrive on customer delight and are not prepared to use dishonest tricks to seal a deal.

We have also experienced a high success rate with clients when we respond quickly, so we always aim to respond within 45 minutes (during office hours). This can be extremely beneficial in a highly competitive industry and really makes an impact with an excellent first impression.

Some customer service teams love to churn out generic templates responses via all sorts of automated customer management tools. Yes these save precious time, but consider how your clients are responding to them. Focus instead on personalisation, relevancy and accuracy so that whatever communication goes out to a client – an email, an SMS, a printed document – make sure it has the power to really capture the client’s attention and include all touch points from their previous conversation with you.

Be professional at all times. This is something I cannot stress enough for any customer service team and something we harp on about again and again in our team. Whether you are dealing with an unhappy client, an aggressive client, an intimidating client or an inappropriately-friendly and chatty client, your team must be fully versed with handling the situation in a calm, diplomatic and professional manner. Moody, loud, sarcastic, over-casual, defensive and disinterested attitudes towards clients can really aggravate a situation and make a company’s reputation management a real challenge at a later stage.

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