A Surprising Relationship Between Color And Sales

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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The impact colors have on a company’s branding has become common knowledge among owners. Yet Strategic Five Marketing have surprised owners by revealing the effects colors have on sales, something which has gone unknown to businesses for years.

For years, business owners have only considered color psychology in how a customer perceives a brand’s personality and the messages they convey. To those not working in the printing/graphic design/creative industries it is not commonly known how colours can also impact on a company’s sales.

Specific colours tend to stir certain emotions in customers; this creates brand relevance and motivates purchases. Here is a list of 10 colours that are proven to increase sales as well as the specific emotions they evoke:

1.      Red – Red is the colour of power. It grabs people’s attention and holds it there, making it the most powerful colour in the marketing industry.

2.      Blue – Blue is the colour that gets a brand viewed as cool and trustworthy.

3.      Pink – Pink is used for getting the attention of a young female demographic.

4.      Yellow – Yellow is another powerful colour in the industry and can instil consumer confidence in a brand.

5.      Green – Green is a versatile colour. It is warm and inviting which leaves customers with a pleasing feeling. Secondly, green denotes health, the environment and good will. Lastly, green is the colour of money which encourages thoughts of wealth.

6.      Purple – Purple is the colour of royalty. This can add a touch of elegance and prestige to marketing materials.

7.      Gold – Gold is likewise elegant and prestigious but also adds an element of power. Gold is a powerful colour that symbolises wealth and pedigree.

8.      Orange – Orange symbolises energy. It has powerful attention-grabbing properties as well as appearing fun and cool. It makes customers feel as though they are dealing with a cutting-edge company.

9.      Brown – Brown is an earthy tone that is known as a comfort colour, this can help make a customer feel relaxed.

10.   Black – Black is another versatile colour. It can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing. When used as a contrasting colour, black can add drama to whatever mood you want to cast.

Strategic Five Marketing is a direct marketing firm based in Reading. They use face-to-face techniques and run promotional campaigns to connect with their clients’ customers directly. The firm provide their consumers with tailored and unique interactions, thus allowing them to feel comfortable asking questions and to know they are receiving and honest answer which provides them with a great experience. This leads to great customer retention and brand awareness.

Strategic Five Marketing are encouraging more businesses to consider the messages their business is conveying through their branding and marketing campaigns, especially those who are experiencing low sales.

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