So, What Is The Deal & Why is Content Marketing Important?

By Lindsey Lazarte, - In Marketing

Picture Sebastian Vettel in his Red Bull F1 car of the ultimate content marketing company Red Bull, to show why is content marketing important

Photo Credit: Takayuki Suzuki

The face of Digital Advertising is drastically changing in terms of the way brands are marketing themselves today. Although standard display banner ads continue to remain relevant and a very centric component of Digital Advertising, content marketing is quickly on the rise and essentially becoming King.

When I initially started my career within the Publishing realm (and eventually shifted towards working specifically on the digital side), sponsored content was still a fairly new product for both brands and publishers to fully comprehend. When it comes to display banner ads, the metrics are pretty transparent; Total number of impressions, total number of clicks, average click-through rates, etc. Basically, you either knew if someone saw the ad or they didn’t and whether or not they actually clicked-through to the destined landing page. Of course, there is so much more to the execution aspect as far as what the creative looks like, which websites you are advertising on, the audience that you are trying to target, and so on.

And then came sponsored content, which really changed the game of how we develop brand awareness, engage users, influence share-ability, etc.

Where It Can Get Tricky

The part that can get quite tricky about grasping the concept behind sponsored content is putting your finger on exactly what you want your readers to do after they have clicked on that piece of content. You have to ask yourself a few different questions:

What purpose does this content serve?
Is it purely an educational or informative piece?
What kind of emotion are you trying to evoke from your readers?
How do you want your brand to come across through this piece of content?
Well, this is the job for the content creators and the creative team behind the brand.
But, How Does Content Marketing Really Help?

Many brands have shifted their marketing campaigns towards telling a story that ties into their product or service. As both a writer myself and a Marketing Manager at a startup tech company called Mogul, I’m aware of both sides of the trade. I have recently become infatuated with the power of storytelling and how brands are incorporating storytelling into their marketing strategies. People want to something to connect to and this is why content marketing works and how it can significantly help brands provide readers with the image that they want them to paint in their head.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Brands need to leverage this marketing strategy in order to do more for their audience than just have a banner ad image stuck in their head. Though I am not at all opposed to print or digital advertising (especially since I know from experience that they work), I urge brands not to dismiss the impact that content marketing has and how much can be done through content marketing. It’s important to connect with your audience and give them something that they can relate to.

As you have seen through countless examples of content that has gone viral in less than an hour time, you can see that just one share from the right person can eventually snowball into millions of views, shares, and exposure in general. The key is, you just have to make sure that you creating the right content with the right message coming across to your readers.


Lindsey is an experienced Digital Advertising Sales professional and freelance writer based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.