Small Business Social Media Advice

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Tactics for Small Business Social Media

Firstly have a well made simple but strategic website, by all means create a Facebook business page.  Make sure you get some good quality graphics for the header image, a decent photo of the business for profile picture, commence adding interesting content, videos, short stories about things that happen in your business, audio – manage this page after you have created a 2 week campaign of Facebook advertising to news feed of *targeted* viewers; you must respond to visitors to the page -initiate exchanges.


Set up a Twitter account – don’t tweet into space, find influential people in your biz space and get your message in front of them-do not tweet about sales and special offers until you have done this- influencers have great power to amplify your brand.


Use Instagram to post quirky photos that provoke a reaction, link this to your Facebook page. Integrate all social media accounts with your website.


Set up YouTube channel, make more videos, also post these to your Facebook biz page.Have some animated and/or some power point style videos made describing your business and its unique qualities – upload these to YouTube and optimize them to boost rankings to your main business website (the website should be set up to explain and inform about business & collect email/mobile number of visitors) Make sure you manage the Facebook page on a daily basis and keep posting media rich content, review return on investment with Facebook Ads – tweak the settings, use one of the videos and keep running targeted adverts.

If all this is too time consuming invest in a specialist service to manage your online presence. Massive potential ROI with this because this is the new marketing paradigm.

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