Sibling Entrepreneurs Set To Change Online Dating

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Picture of Elisa Mclean at The European Summit (online entertainment conference)

Elisa Mclean

Young entrepreneurs have become remarkable role models for others alike after founding their own mobile app company which promises to revolutionise the dating industry. Elisa Mclean (28) and her brother Marcel (29) decided to start up their own business after Elisa became frustrated by the complexity of online dating with so many different sites and information disbursed across the internet. Ms Mclean who like many today, had taken to the world of online dating, quickly saw a gap in the market and decided to design an app to help make dating an easier process for online users. After searching Google for sites, blogs and tips Elisa realised that an app was needed to house all of this information: Shortly after the idea for “Queek’d” came about.

“Queek’d was created as a way for online dating to be made more efficient. It stands for ‘quick ‘n’ easy kinda dating’” Ms Mclean said. “With so many dating sites around it can be hard for young people like myself or busy professionals to choose which one is best for them. Within our app we have lots of information and feature a directory which lists all the sites allowing you to pick and choose easily- all in one easy place.”

Marcel works full time ICT Services Technician and Elisa says that having a business partner and a brother who understands technical elements of the development is invaluable. Elisa has dreamt of being an entrepreneur from the age of 15 years old and set up a bespoke tailoring company before entering into to the world of social networking. It’s recently become her passion to match people by giving them access to much needed tips to enable successful relationships.

Image of Queek'd Logo

Queek’d Logo

The mobile app, which recently became a hit in Barcelona after the pair debuted it at The European Summit for online entertainment conference earlier this month, is also a testament to their hard work. They successfully received new partnerships with some industry leading dating companies, which they said was an important part for their revolutionary next phase. Elisa says “The next phase is going to be truly amazing and will help user’s one step further online date more efficiently. Our hub will be the portal for accessing multiple sites and we aim to reduce the time that people currently spend when signing up to different sites. This next phase is a much needed platform for singles out there wanting to explore the world of dating- via the web”. The pair aim to become the first online dating efficiency platform of this kind within the industry and hope to partner with more companies after the launch. Elisa also says “We plan to partner with an array of different dating companies, integrating our systems, which will give our users more choice and quicker access to popular sites and some less known sites.” Queek’d Lite is available to download now on Android (UK and US app stores only) and the full version will be available later this year.

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