How To Easily Market Your Business Better Using SEO & Social Media

By Jessica Keaton, - In Marketing

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In an ever-changing marketplace, companies have to fight to remain at the forefront of the competition. Today’s market relies heavily on the online market. With this shift in direction occurring, more and more companies are relying on social media as a marketing platform. Companies are delving into social media platforms in order to pull their company up into the higher ranking result pages on Google, and using SEO to get there. Business leaders need to know what the SEO world is, why social media is a huge factor for marketing, and how social media can jumpstart your business.

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What in the world is SEO?

There is a strong connection between businesses using social media to accrue more success and SEO has a huge impact on the success of social media campaigns. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing one’s website to increase the amount of traffic that various pages of your site receive. This allows for the building of the greatest amount of traffic as much as possible. This can be done through the careful integration of specific niche related information onto various web pages that will cater to individuals varying needs. There will need to be various keywords throughout the pages in order to maximize the flow of traffic to these pages through their ranking on Google’s search engine results pages (SERP’s). Businesses use social media platforms to further extend their success by having an outlet to actually connect with consumers on a personal level.

Why is social media key to a business’s success?

Being successful on social media is more important than ever before due to Google adding value to your site in accordance to its role on social media outlets. Many businesses fail to realize that the promotion of their business online through social media is crucial for their success. When your brand has more followers and likes on Facebook and Twitter, it will increase how Google values your brand. How this happens is through Google getting an idea of how many people are finding the content that you are producing to be worthwhile and interesting. The more people that are sharing, the better. Word of mouth can also be a great way to advertise (even though this might be considered word of keyboard).

How could social media jump start my business?

Since Google values relevant and helpful information, the more activity surrounding your brand on social media the better. When more links are pointing back to various web pages from your website, Google will rank the pages higher among their accompanying keywords/phrases. Actively promoting your keywords in social media posts can help propel your business forward by providing the keywords you want your brand to rank for online for others to anchor their links to your band to.

To sum up…

The world of SEO & Social Media is a tricky one to navigate. Looking at it plain and simple, by knowing what SEO is, how it directly affects social media, and how it directly affects the success of a business’s marketing, one can now use SEO to their advantage. Hopefully you now have introductory knowledge into the world of search engine optimization.


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