ConnectExplore Review – Facebook Ads Targeting Made Easy?

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

ConnectExplore Review - screenshot of the facebooks ad account using the system

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In this ConnectExplore review, we are going to take an in-depth look at the Facebook Ads research platform.

There are over 3 million businesses using Facebook Ads today! And FB Ad costs are also soaring! Unfortunately, everyone is going after the same groups of people. Plus when Facebook suggests interest groups to us they are dealing with very top level generic groups. The money is in the inner circle groups, who are the ones that spend money, instead of the people who say they spend money.

ConnectExplore Review - screenshot of the facebooks ad account using the system

Inside The Dashboard of FB Ads When using ConnectExplore

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ConnectExplore claims to be the answer to ‘No guess work interest targeting.’ And a platform that will save us thousands of dollar in wasted ad spend every month. So in this in-depth review of ConnectExplore, we will take a look at its benefits, pros and cons for business owners like you and me.

ConnectExplore Features

At its most simple function, ConnectExplore helps us find the right Facebook Ads interest groups.

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Who Is ConnectExplore For?

Facebook Ads Users

For anyone who creates Facebook adverts regularly, or if you are a beginner with Facebook advertising, ConnectExplore will help you out.

If you are a regular advertise on Facebook, you will find that ConnectExplore helps you find new audiences for your products. It will help you get back to the good old days where you could easily target cold traffic, and get them to convert.

For beginners who don’t have huge custom audiences to retarget to, so want to start with cold traffic, ConnectExplore will dramatically decrease the amount you spend on wasted advertising.

Small Business Owners

ConnectExplore is perfect for any small business owner, on or off-line. Not only will it help you find new targeted audiences to bring into your business. But it will also help you work out what kind of content is going to work the best for you for organic Facebook postings.

eCommerce Store Owners

Similar to small business owners, ConnectExplore will help you find the exact audience who will buy your product. This will open up new opportunities for you allowing you to bring in new customers from cold FB ads.

Consultants & Agencies

For any consultants or agencies out there, which manage Facebook ads for other people this tool is going to dramatically help you increase conversion rates for your clients.

ConnectExplore Review Video

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Main Benefits of ConnectExplore

  • ConnectExplore Helps You Quickly Find Facebook Interest Groups
  • Easy To Find Unique Facebook Interest Groups
  • Find profitable untapped Facebook interests
  • Eliminate the need for complicated split testing to find lucrative interests
  • Pre-analyzed interests so there’s no guesswork involved
  • Shows instant performance metrics of each & every interest
  • Doesn’t need any outside tracking tools to measure results
  • Includes interest ‘layering’ in your targeting options…
  • Adds interests directly to your ad manager in a single click

ConnectExplore Essential Info

ConnectExplore Price

ConnectExplore is a one-time payment of $97

+ As a bonus, you’ll get a 30-Day FREE Trial to ConnectSuite (value: $97/month) which can be canceled ANY time – NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Where Can You Get ConnectExplore?

You can get a lifetime license to ConnectExplore here.

ConnectExplore Guarantee’s

ConnectExplore offers a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Delivery Times

The second you sign up for ConnectExplore you can access its full range of features. Plus for the first month, you get unlimited use of the full ConnectSuite of tools. Along with ConnectExplore the suite includes:

  • UpVrial
  • ConnectIOI
  • ConnectAudience
  • ConnectRetarget

ConnectExplore Alternatives?

1. Facebook Ad Editor

Te only other platform I know of that offers interests based targeting groups is Facebook’s Opengraph tools and the ad editor itself.

At the end of the day, ConnectExplore is pulling all of the information it needs from Facebook itself using the publicly available Opengraph APIs. So yes, you could get the same results as ConnectExplore from within Facebook’s tools. However, Facebook’s interface does not make it easy to find this level of detail about audiences and interest groups.

ConnectExplore Pro’s

ConnectExplore Is Very Easy To Use & Connects Directly Into Facebook

ConnectExplore connects directly into Facebook advertising system. This connection means you can research interest groups and insert them into your ad sets immediately. There is no copy and pasting of any content between systems, and having to use a slightly clunky Facebook ad interest group finder.

Overall the interface is very easy and self-explanatory to use. All the buttons are in the right place and the documentation to help use the system is very helpful.

Great Selection of Results

In the past, I have just taken Facebook’s and interest groups for what they are. And never really found any perfect results. However, ConnectExplore makes it very easy to drill down a lot further than the generic top-level results. It just has a simple search box, which from an initial general search keeps bringing about results to narrow down a potential audience.

Plus the system helps guide you through the results it brings back.

ConnectExplore Helps You Find Low Competition Interest Groups

Where ConnectExplore comes into its own, is helping us find interest groups that the competition isn’t targeting. Especially for cold traffic, this is a game changer. Over the last few years, the ability just to go to Facebook, select a group of people who might be interested in your product and showing them your ad has gone down.

Why? Simply everyone’s doing the same thing, and the cost per click and conversion has been skyrocketing.

The real problem is not that there are a lot more people using Facebook ads these days. It’s finding exactly the right target audience, so interest group, who want to buy our products.

This is where ConnectExplore’s ability to find precise targeting groups who want to buy your product comes in. Unlike some searches are done recently, for instance, people who like dogs that came back with over 12 million results. ConnectExplore dives deeper into the generic interest groups to find the segments that will spend money with you.

Allows You Quickly To Split Test & Optimize Facebook Ad Interest Groups

in lots of the advertising for ConnectExplore, it says there is no need to do thousands of split test to find out what works again. Or the need to stroll through the confusing Facebook analytics dashboard to work out which groups of people are converting.

This isn’t strictly true, what’s ConnectExplore allows you to do is create very small targeted interest groups. Then when you run adverts for these interest groups you can very quickly see if that niche group is converting are not. Then if it is converting you can leave it running, if not you can instantly turn that group off.

Working with these smaller interest groups means that you don’t have to spend hours trying to cross-reference all of your Facebook analytics, Google analytics and any other tracking system you have to work out exactly which segments of the generic interest groups are working.

ConnectExplore Con’s

I’m Still Thinking

For nearly every piece of software I have ever used, I thought oh wouldn’t it be nice if you did this or that. However, I’m yet to find a feature I haven’t likes or any issues with the platform overall.

So at present, I can’t find any cons to using ConnectExplore.

Other People’s Opinions of ConnectExplore


Thank you for reading this ConnectExplore review. We have looked at an in-depth analysis of the system and what it is used for.

In my opinion, the system is a no-brainer at just the $97 one time price to gain lifetime access to the system. So far I am extremely happy with it, and it helps me to find the right groups of people to target not just fridge, but also a pet store I consult with and a startup I work with.

You can get your lifetime license to ConnectExplore by clicking here. Plus for a limited time during the launch of ConnectExplore, you will also receive full access to the ConnectSuite of tools here.

This is just my opinion of ConnectExplore; I would love to hear your comments about the system in the comments below.


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