How to Put the “Social” Back into Your Social Media Automation

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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Everyday we hear that small business owners find it hard to manage the promotion of their business on social media. Yet automation is so often frowned upon when it comes to social media. Business systematization and automation is my passion and a key to business growth. So i thought i would bring in Sarah Burke a social media automation experts from Spokal to share her knowledge on how to do it well. PS check out the give away from Spokal at the end of the article.


Since the Industrial Revolution, people have worried about the impact of technology on society as we know it. These fears have created mass-technophobia, seen through popular media such as The Matrix and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

It’s these same fears that lie beneath the anti-automation movement.

We’re all terrified that automation means the end to effective and meaninful communication with brands.

But here’s the thing: Social media isn’t about reducing how much interaction we have with customers, it’s actually about increasing it.

When done correctly, automation is about automating the routine and repetitive tasks, not the social and interactive ones. Automation is never a replacement for genuine social media interaction, but it can enhance it.

Automated Scheduling Based on Your Audience

Social media platforms can be incredibly complex, leaving marketers to fire out tweets and posts at random times throughout the day. However, there are ways to ensure that your social media automation is tailored to your audience’s online activity.

Tweriod is a free service that analyzes your past 200 tweets’ performance. You can use these insights to determine when the best time is to push your content out and reach a majority of your audience.

However, the same old automation warning applies: Don’t set it and forget it.

Your audience’s schedules are likely to change, so this isn’t a one-time deal. Make sure that you regularly ensure that your audience is still engaging in the same way with your content, and if things have changed, then switch it up.

Automate Personalized Content on Social Media

Automating social sharing is fine, but when it’s always left to its own devices, the repetitive format gets tiring.

Example of a Repetitive Social Media Format - Title Then URL

Repetitive Social Media Format

While this format is fine sometimes, it will quickly get wearing on your audience.

Instead, think your social media automation as a template that can be customized.

Once you’ve automated your content for distribution, go into your editorial calendar and personalize each scheduled slot so that it appears more unique, humorous and interesting.

Using Spokal To Create Personal Social Media Messages

Personal Social Media Messages

Oh, and don’t forget that tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags get shared most on Twitter. For Facebook, under 250 characters is best, and post with images get 120% more engagement.

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