[PODCAST] The Psychology Behind Clarity

By Aaron Morton, - In Productivity

Picture of the word Clarity With Jamie Smart

With NLP SuperFest fast approaching we thought we would delve deeper into what NLP is how it can help us in our everyday business lives.

In part one of this podcast series on improving your business life using NLP we talk to Jamie Smart.

In this episode of NLP Revealed Podcasts with Jamie Smart we find out:

  • What is Clarity & how it will help you in business
  • Some real life examples of how you can get clarity in your life.

Would you like to get a greater understanding of NLP? If you are in Australia 3rd – 5th of October 2014 come and join us at the NLP SuperFest. You can find out more information about the event here.
However don’t happen to be in Australia don’t worry you can get involved online as well and come join in at the SuperFest Online as well here.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast with Alistair Horscroft hosted by myself Aaron Morton. I look forward to catching you for the next episode where will you will discover more about NLP and how it can help us in business.

Just one quick question for you, how do you use NLP in your business?

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