Optimize Your Website Experience With Answerdash

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Molly Strong of Answerdash

Optimize Your Website Experience With Answerdash

I think one of the best things a company can do is optimize its website so people can find what they want. Self-service technologies like AnswerDash can really help, by offering drop-in contextual “answer layers” atop website content, empowering users to find answers about anything on a web page with an easy click of a mouse or tap of a finger. After companies initially populate the system with a few common questions, questions and answers will grow as customers add their own questions, ensuring that the site continually responds to and meets customers’ needs.

In a store, customers can ask employees questions, but the same service generally hasn’t been well-translated to the online shopping experience. By using AnswerDash on e-commerce websites, companies can aspire to mirror the customer service of their in-store shopping experiences online. Rather than dragging a customer to an FAQ or siloed help page, technologies like AnswerDash help customers find answers where and when they need it. This is poised to shake up how e-commerce serves customers.

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