An In-Depth Marketing Analysis Of The US Election 2016

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

Image of Donald Trump

In this articlecast myself and Fridge Magazine branding editor, Dr. John Tantillo take an in-depth look at how both US presidential candidates marketed themselves throughout their campaigns.

NOTE: If you are still not ready to engage in a logical and analytical debate on what we, as business owners can learn from the election campaign, I urge you not to press play on this podcast or leave comments below.

Dr. John Tantillo breaks down the follow:

  • How Donald Trump went about his marketing,
  • How Hilary Clinton went about her marketing,
  • What Trump did well (and not),
  • How Clinton failed to follow the marketing rules,
  • & what we are business owners and founders can learn from this US presidential election 2016.

Plus to explains how and why we should always be branding!

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