Drive Yello Revolutionizing The Food Delivery Industry

By Henry Reith, - In Entrepreneurs

Image of Drive Yello Co-Founders Fanale & Timbs

Photo Credit: DriveYello

With the rise of businesses such as Uber, AirBnB, and TaskRabbit, Australia’s sharing economy is booming. Last year, it was reported that it contributes approximately $504 million a year to the NSW economy alone. Everyday Australians are taking advantage of the money-making opportunities businesses of this nature present. Steve Fanale and Johnny Timbs rely solely on these people looking to earn extra income for their Sydney-based start-up Drive Yello to succeed.

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This home-grown success story in the world of ‘collaborative consumption’ has been named by Fairfax as one of 13 Australian start-ups to watch this year. Drive Yello is a food delivery service with a difference, allowing vendors to outsource their delivery capability completely. Franchises, restaurants, chains, cafes and small food producers simply post delivery jobs and the Drive Yello team provide them with a reliable, trusted delivery driver on-demand.

Image of Drive Yello Co Founders Steve Fanale and Johnny Timbs

Drive Yello Co-Founders Steve Fanale and Johnny Timbs

Co-Founder, Fanale has five other start-ups under his belt and over fifteen years’ experience in the digital industry. He founded global businesses MassMedia Studios and The Traction Platform.

“Five years ago, the term ‘sharing economy’ was relatively unheard of. It’s changing the way businesses operate and opening up employment and money-making opportunities for Australians that just didn’t exist before now. The app ecosystem has essentially turned consumers into service providers in an instant and, like the rise of social media ten years ago, brands can either embrace the changes or put their heads in the sand,” says Fanale.

“Drive Yello was our way of embracing this rising force. Consumers expect food delivered to their door in an instant and a lot of businesses don’t have the resources or time to manage this. Drive Yello offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base and service offering whilst providing great opportunities to Aussie entrepreneurs to build a delivery business. Effective sharing economy models can become the outsourced resource for businesses in the future, which allows them to focus on their core business,” says Fanale.

Image of the Drive Yello app on iPad and iPhone

Drive Yello App

Yello allows drivers to manage their business from their phone, picking up shifts or deliveries in their local area via the Yello app and providing them with the flexibility of working for who, when and where they want.

“We’ve found that being a Yello driver suits such a wide variety of people. Students love the fact that they can utilise their spare time to earn some extra cash, mums of school-aged kids love the flexibility and older Australians value the opportunity to do something a little different than working 9am-5pm. It was important to us that Drive Yello was truly ‘on-demand’ and therefore, location is everything. Drivers have the option of only being notified about delivery opportunities in their local area,” says Fanale.

A vital part of the success of the sharing economy is the emphasis on a ratings system. The ability to rate a service provider gives consumers a sense of security and trust, particularly when they’re leaving their pet in someone else’s hands, staying in a stranger’s apartment, hopping into a car with a person they’ve never met or in Drive Yello’s case, trusting the safe and timely delivery of their customer’s dinner.


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