Drive Yello Launches In Melbourne To Continue Revolutionising Food Delivery In Australia

By Henry Reith, - In Entrepreneurs

Image of Drive Yello Co-Founders Fanale & Timbs

Photo Credit: DriveYello

Drive Yello is revolutionising the way food is delivered and has just this month launched in Melbourne. Named by Fairfax as one of 13 Australian start-ups to watch this year, Drive Yello is a delivery management platform and marketplace with a difference, allowing vendors to outsource their delivery capability completely. Franchises, restaurants, chains, cafes and small food producers simply post delivery jobs and the Drive Yello team provide them with a reliable, trusted delivery driver on-demand. The platform allows vendors to search, hire, manage, track and pay drivers for either one-off deliveries or full shifts. As a result, businesses save significant time and money on managing deliveries internally. This month sees the launch of the business in Melbourne.

Image of the DriveYello app on iPad and iPhone

DriveYello App

“Launching in Melbourne was always the plan after establishing the business at home in Sydney. Melbourne is synonymous with a buzzing food culture so it’s a natural fit for the Drive Yello brand. Delivery brands are multiplying by the minute but the key point of difference for us is that our partner restaurants ‘own’ their brand completely. They have control over their customer experience and know who their customers are. The businesses can work at promoting their own brand, rather than the brand of the delivery service,” explains Steve.

Founders Steve Fanale and Johnny Timbs came up with the idea for Drive Yello on Halloween of 2014. Steve describes hanging out at Johnny’s place sipping a few glasses of red wine when Johnny’s phone went off. “It was one of Johnny’s pizza stores with the news that three of their delivery drivers had unexpectedly called in sick. Johnny started trying to find drivers to fill in to no avail and had to make do with the staff he had. It occurred to us that it was crazy that we couldn’t book a driver on-demand like we could order a cab. That evening, the idea for Yello was born,” says Steve.

“Consumers now expect food delivered quickly with one click of a button. It’s vitally important for businesses to be able to provide this on-demand service and not risk letting down their customer base if demand spikes or a driver calls in sick or misses a shift,” says Steve. Drive Yello has grown dramatically over the last year and now have over 2,000 drivers available on the marketplace.

“Drive Yello gives businesses the opportunity to save costs and time associated with managing deliveries and grow with efficient delivery resulting in higher customer retention. A lot of businesses just don’t have the management tools, systems in place or time to effectively manage their deliveries,” says Steve. “We also provide vendors who currently don’t offer home delivery a way to enter the home delivery market and increase their revenue.”

Increased efficiency, improved monitoring, reduction of administration and accessibility to a crowd-sourced workforce makes Yello very attractive to businesses across the food service industry. From independent vendors to major franchises and menu aggregators, Yello is a platform that the industry in Melbourne is crying out for.


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