A New Service That Is Revolutionising The Travel Industry

By John Whiting, - In Entrepreneurs

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Booking a flight and air travel today is so problematic that U.S. airlines collect $3 Billion in change fees and U.S. travellers spend another $3 Billion in trip cancellation insurance yearly.

FLYR revolutionizes flight booking with a simple premise: never overpay and escape change fees.

• With FLYR, you search and select your flights the way you are used to

• For a small fee, we protect you against rising airfares for seven days

• We find better deals and you can switch or cancel without any penalty

FLYR makes this possible by manipulating massive amounts of airfare records to accurately predict future prices, seat availability and likelihood of better deals for any flight.

The FLYR team consists of 11 top data scientists, back-end software engineers and seasoned entrepreneurs in San Francisco. FLYR is now launching its unique service via an API and we are about to release our mobile application.

Guest Contributor: Cyril Guiraud – Co-founder & CMO of getflyr.com

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