Why You Need To Work On Empowering Customers

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Contributed by Joe Schnaufer – Global Director Customer Support at cleverbridge

Why You Need To Work On Empowering Customers

Empower customers with self-service –

For customer service, an important part of extending your capabilities means not forcing customers to rely exclusively on your team of customer service representatives (CSRs) to assist them. People want to be empowered to help themselves on their own terms at times that are convenient to them. An efficient operation empowers its customers with self-service tools to accomplish almost anything they might need including:

  • Purchasing a new product
  • Adjusting the number of seats on a license
  • Renewing a subscription
  • Cancelling a subscription
  • Requesting a refund
  • Troubleshooting the product
  • Finding a missing delivery

The benefit of empowering customers with self-reliance is it reduces the amount of customers that you have to support directly by communicating face to face, or via phone and email. And this is important because customers are limited by your department’s service hours.

Once a call center is closed for the night, your customers cannot get their question answered when they need it most. Customers usually dial a call center when they are in the middle of using a product and are experiencing difficulties or they are looking at a bill and deciding whether to renew a subscription. If your customers have these problems during off-hours and need to speak to a representative, what are they to do? Your business needs to extend its customer service offering to include more self-service options because they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for customers
  • Cost efficient
  • Scalable

Ultimately, this tactic is being delivered in a manner that brings higher customer satisfaction. So work on empowering customers!

Joe Schnaufer is the global director customer support at cleverbridge, a global full-service e-commerce provider for more than 300 international software and cloud companies including Avira, Corel, Dell, Malwarebytes and Parallels. Schnaufer is responsible for leading the company’s global operations with respect to managing all customer support related initiatives, staff and day-to-day operations. You can connect with Schnaufer on LinkedIn.

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