Meeting The Most Awesome Person In The World

By Marshall Hughes, - In Leadership

Picture of a piece of paper that says 'Wake up and be Awesome!' to show the feeling of Meeting The Most Awesome Person In The World

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Today I met the most awesome person in the world.

It was about 6.40 am and I was approximately 6km into an 8km run. I was making a good pace, but the last 2km of my run home is all uphill. I’m out of form and was wondering whether or not to walk for 30 seconds.

Typically I run with a mate, but Jason was at a “business breakfast” eating something called “Entrecôte.” So this was just me and the hills.

Just as I crested a small hill, I approached a middle-aged man in a tracksuit walking a dog. We’re pretty friendly where I live, so I puffed out a “hi”. His response was not the commonly expected reply.

“Looking good! Good on you!”


I have to tell you; I suddenly felt like a million dollars.

Here was some random dude, who, just as the sun was coming up, decided to say something to pump up the tires of a complete stranger.

I don’t lack for self-confidence, or struggle with motivation. But this guy, that one comment, and the thoughtfulness behind it, well. I was inspired.

No walking for me! I finished the 8km in 37:56.

It made me think about this great lunarbaboon comic:


This man didn’t have to say anything to me. He’s probably already forgotten he said it. But the effect has now continued for 3 and a half hours, and now I’m writing about the most awesome man in the world.

On a daily basis, there are people we know we need to compliment and inspire. It might be fellow workmates, players on your team, family members or clients. Not only do you need to applaud and encourage these people, they expect it from you. It’s how good managers, coaches, family members and business people perform.

Whether it’s at Myfreight or, I’m expected to motivate people. That’s the gig, and it’s what I’m paid to do. It’s also rewarding. People like being complimented and cheered on, and I care about these guys, so it’s a virtuous circle.

But the most awesome man in the world doesn’t know me. He’s just a great guy.

I want to be the most awesome man in the world.

What can I do? Who don’t I know who I can compliment or cheer on?

Damn. My new iPhone just arrived, and I didn’t say anything special to the Courier. Opportunity missed. I was polite; I did thank him. Not enough.

Today, I’ll probably encounter another 5-10 people who I won’t know. I’m setting myself a challenge to compliment, motivate, or do something more than the polite niceties everyone expects.

It might be the barista, a cashier, or even someone wearing a cool hat. Is three people a day enough?

I’m going to offer a sincere, short compliment. I want them to feel how I do.

Now I’m challenging you, dear reader.

Can you be the most awesome person in the world?


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