Market Research Tools To Help Grow Your Business

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Market Research Tools to help grow your business..

Use Google. They have several helpful services and features: – shows search volumes (supply) for keywords and brands over time and geographic location, as well as forecasts for future volumes. lets you create custom alerts by keyword, result type, language, and region. can be used to set up “dummy campaigns” to gauge interest in a product and test headlines, domain names, or product descriptions easily, quickly, and cheaply. No need to actually sell a product, can just set up a campaign using a mock-up site, as long as orders are not actually taken from customers, of course.

-After opening an AdWords account, you can also access their Keyword Planner tool, which shows search volumes for keywords, with many different targeting options, which can be another great way to estimate supply. The information provided in this tool is more accurate and encompassing than in Google Trends.

-Getting to know some advanced Google search operators to build queries that mine Google for a wide range of information, see

Other approaches can include: -Mining large sites like with can be used to see what people are currently searching for.

Same idea, and free for Wikipedia at also look at for other Wikipedia-specific resources.

– Market Research Tools like  can show traffic data about specific websites, can be a nice way to research the competition, also a paid version of the tool with much more data (see is a blog post I wrote using our PRO tool, MajesticSEO, and some Google queries to create a SWOT analysis for SoundCloud, much of which can be used to research any industry or business).




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    1. Neuoogle on

      Some great ideas there John.

      A key aspect to effective market research is to ensure you are acting on up to date information.  Our App Neuoogle can help with that.  Neuoogle is an alert based search tool.    You simply enter your search terms into Neuoogle and you will receive a push notification message once new results are found.   Swiping the notification brings you into Neuoogle, where using our built in browser you can instantly view the results;  It’s a simple, effective and elegant workflow.

      Neuoogle is free and is available in both iPhone and Android stores

      We are very much a community driven product improving based on user feedback.

      The Neuoogle team


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