‘Let The Force Be With You’ A Record Breaking Branding Exercise

By Dr. John Tantillo, - In Marketing

Picture of a per-aide of Storm Troopers from star wars

Next up in our 2014 branding winners and losers list is winner number 4 Star Wars.


Brand Winner # Four  Star Wars

Star Wars 7

The Star Wars 88-second clip with over 60 million views is on track to be the most-watched trailer of all time, according to the Hollywood Reporter. For any brand to have this kind of pre-purchase buzz is lesson for the business minded and is why it made the number four 2014 brand winner position.

The Star War’s 7 marketing team knew from the start that it would the brand loyal that would drive this promotional online tactic and for that reason created story lines on why the Star War’s originator (George Lucas) had not seen the film as well as the many parodies that are being cited on the web.  As they used to say,” no publicity is bad publicity, this PATA (People Are Talking About) clip only adds to the hype,  excitement and  the eventual ticket purchases when it comes to a theatre near you,  next Christmas—2015. Yes 2015.

It’s hard to imagine today utilizing any promotional tactic one year in advance; a no-no in a galaxy long, long ago.  The biggest challenge is to  keep this  brand fresh and still exciting so that sales are strong when released and continues over time.  This is where the SW Brand Managers must creatively ponder strategies by thinking like their targeted viewers and even perhaps segmenting the market into heavy, moderate and one-time ticket purchasers.  The secret here for the Star Wars team and us as entrepreneurs is to always be thinking—ABT about the best way to promote your brand, when everyone is excited about the next big thing you are about to roll out—SELL!

The answer for Star Wars 7 marketers and us
is to think like customers and then and only then
will the force be with us!

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