Join A Face-To-Face Networking Group To Grow Your Business

By Geoff Martin, - In Marketing

A group of smiling women at a business networking event

Here’s a very helpful piece of advice to grow sales:

Join a face-to-face business networking group, so that people can get to know, like and trust you. As long as you give without any expectation of anything in return, you will get plenty. I see it all the time .

Also, invite people for a coffee, to get to know them better and genuinely see how you can help them, again with no expectation of anything in return. When you help someone, the rule of reciprocity kicks in and they will try to help you in someway, which may be indirectly. When you do meet with these people, listen 80% of the time and show them that you are listening by asking good follow up questions, and by sending them a note or email summarizing your meeting in bullet points. If you can go out and quickly find a prospect or vendor that they are in need of, then you will begin to build solid trust and likeability.