Jeff Bullas Reveals His Top 5 Tips For e-Commerce Success

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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E-commerce and online shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 20% this year and reach $1.5 trillion globally. Internationally recognised marketing strategist and influencer, Jeff Bullas has had ongoing success in this ever-changing platform by identifying and implementing key engagement strategies. He credits his success to understanding how to ‘become digital’ to actively engage with customers. Jeff of Infinity Technologies has recently published new free e-book 10 Advanced E-Commerce Strategies Take Your Online Store To The Next Level which reveals the secrets of some of the world’s best exponents of online businesses utilise.

Here are Jeff’s top five tips:

  1. Conversion optimisation – Continual optimisation of online stores requires ongoing tweaking, testing and trying different tactics. Some useful tactics include revenue tracking, behavioural targeting and heat maps to see which links, images or buttons customers are clicking. These methods may only achieve an improvement of 5% individually, but together they can increase conversions and sales by over 200%.
  1. Effective onsite search tools – The idea for any online shopping platform is to make finding and buying products as simple as possible for consumers without providing convoluted and obscure results. Employing sophisticated onsite search tools such as SLI Systems, Celebros, Endeca and Google Commerce Search have proven to deliver results, with case studies showing a conversion rate improvement of 300%+. 
  1. Advanced content marketing – Companies need engaging content to create ‘conversations around the brand’ not ‘about’ the brand. Adding premium content such as videos, how-to’s and buying guides can improve the quality of an online store as it increases conversion rates, brand awareness and grows social networks. 
  1. Data analysis – Businesses can gain a competitive advantage from analysing data by understanding consumer demand, measuring the impact, knowing what works and then building sustainable success. The two main areas to focus on include quality of data and coverage of data. This will improve pricing strategies, adjust the targeting in marketing and predict future sales trends. 
  1. Selling globally – eBay is predicting that within the next few years, global e-commerce will be 20% of total e-commerce. Test your business locally before tackling the complexities of global trading. There are now many benefits from selling globally, including access to a larger market, seasonal balancing and new market opportunities. Be alert for any emerging trends.

“As I regularly work with companies and executives to optimise their online and company presence, I know from experience that understanding how to use e-commerce to your advantage can mean the difference between evolving as a successful business and struggling to stay afloat financially. I hope that entrepreneurs will be able to use the right tactics to maximise sales, minimise mistakes and reduce costs,” says Jeff.

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