Jamie Dunn – One Of UK’s Top Young Entrepreneurs

By John Whiting, - In Entrepreneurs

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This interview features Jamie Dunn, a successful UK entrepreneur who, even though is 21 years old ,has achieved so much in a very short time!

Here are a list of some of his achievements:

• At 12 years old, he had his own market stool. By 15, he had 5 market schools across Birmingham. From this, he was turning over £500 in profit. (not bad for a 15 year old!)

• Out of many thousands of applicants, Jamie was picked out as one of the 28 young entrepreneurs to be mentored by Peter Jones (from the Dragons Den) and his team

• At 18, he Co-founded the company, Made By Young People that offers a printing service that produces various clothes such as hoodies, T-Shirts, Banners, and Flyers. This company eventually became a supplier to Asda, Ikea, and even Aston Villa!

• Now aged 21, he spends most of his time travelling and working with governments and educational systems around the world to develop entrepreneurship with young people

• Also Co-Founded A-Fund

• Invested in many start-ups

• Writes a weekly column for The Birmingham Mail and Virgin.com

• Short-listed in the Top 20 Young People of the World 2012, an award previously won by ex-US President, John F Kennedy.

You can catch this interview here.

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