Improve Your Time Management Skills

By Geoff Martin, - In Productivity

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Time Management & Productivity Skills

With a professional career that has spanned over two decades, I’ve been fortunate enough to execute a variety of productivity and time management skills. I’ve had a chance to perfect these skills and find my favorite. It might sound silly, but all you need to execute my favorite time management skill is a pad of paper, a pen, and a few minutes.

Each night, before completing my workday, I take time to create a task list for the next day. I rank these tasks in order of importance, and leave room to add more tasks throughout the following day. By creating a list, I know exactly what I need to do first thing in the morning, without having to brainstorm or search through e-mails from the previous day. If anything is remaining at the end of my workday, I move the task to a top priority position for the following day. If I want to truly take time management a step further, I record how long the task took me to complete. That way, I can review completed tasks at the end of the week, and determine which ones I spent too much time on. I find this time management practice to be beneficial in many ways. It ensures important tasks get completed before deadline, while allowing me to see which tasks take up too much of my time.

By Jennifer Goodwyn, Vice President of Servcorp USA

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