How To Greatly Improve Your Lead Generation

By Jessica Keaton, - In Marketing

Picture of three people in an office working on improving lead generation

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“Best Practices” such as these are extremely easy to lose sight of when merging all efforts into getting new leads. Going back to the basics, I have found, sometimes brings the most fruitful endeavors when it comes to lead generation.

Inbound Marketing

In a perfect, world all consumers will locate your brand with little to no strain on the marketer. This is why these inbound marketing strategies are crucial. With practice, perfectly placed and timed campaigns will generate significant traffic to your landing page which hopefully generate some leads and thus customers.

The main tactics that you will want to be able to demonstrate are: creating an eye catching, but simple ad which causes consumers to want to visit your site, showing them value by having engaging and topical information – not fluff,  building trust with visitors, via information as well as the community surrounding your brand, to ensure that they will stay to make a purchase, and finally allowing each individual to feel a part of the brand culture so that they will in turn want to promote via their own pipelines.

Blogs & Content

The most successful performance marketing starts with creating tons of relevant content. The main point to keep in mind here is the more good content you have out there the better chances you have at achieving specific keyword searches and in turn greater search engine optimization. This also builds credibility with the customer. A page that has many blog posts on their site looks much more trustworthy than just a few. We should keep in mind this should be relevant, diverse, and meaningful content as well. If we think of this in terms of generating leads, you want the content to make consumers visit your page to purchase.

For successful marketing campaigns, it is imperative that content be shared with others. This means that your content needs to be more than “fluff” or nonsense. Have fun with your content, but keep it relevant. Always make sure that your content is up to date. No one wants to pass along old information. Your site may start to lose followers if your articles aren’t regularly updated. You want to give the feeling that every post is hot off the press. If customers feel they are getting sneak-peek access on valuable information they are more likely to pay attention and share. Think about all those “you’ll never believe!!…” type articles out there. These are perfect examples of goofy, but effective, fish and lure tactics.

Creating Successful Ads

Creating marketing media that is simple to understand and visually attractive is an invaluable skill. If you would like to get an idea of some wonderful ads here is the most shared ads from 2014. Of course, these types of ads are not always possible depending on your campaign. Most of these ads are very striking emotionally and factually. Consumers need to understand what exactly it is that is being marketed right away. If they watch a video or read a post and aren’t clear on the material they won’t remain interested. Some of those ideas may pull the viewer in with an interesting idea or heartwarming story, but they always also get to the point in a hurry.

However, this also brings an ingenious point to the forefront – Diversify the types of ads being created. Make sure you aren’t limiting your brand and campaign. It is easy to dismiss a platform such as YouTube. However, besides Google, Youtube is the most used search engine…ever. It is quite literally impossible to predetermine which styles of ads will yield the most results, but one thing is for sure staying the path brings few leads. Infographics are extraordinarily simple to create and are much more visually appealing and easy to share on social media than articles. While blogs on sites that have a good amount of traffic are truly effective, we are all visual beings. It is true that creating a great product or service will eventually drive some organic business on its own, but most brands can always use a little help.

Web Layout

Once you have properly directed the consumer to your landing page, simplicity is absolutely key. While it is very easy to get enticed into creating a site that seemingly has everything, this makes for a terrible user experience. Pinpoint valuable materials for your customer’s viewing experience and add that to the forefront of your site. Any additional information that is not crucial for your user’s visit to your site can be directed on a separate page. Think of it this way – the fewer clicks one has to make in order to purchase, the better.

Set a goal to make your website as the mecca hub for your business. You want everyone who is interested in anything remotely related to your product/service to visit your site and use it as an active community for discussing related topics. Starting a monitored user forum is always a great springboard for future web projects. In a perfect marketing world, from the main web page, consumers and users alike should be able to navigate through blogs, forums, info about the company, and social media links easily. Now, more than ever is a time to involve your community in social media. As a culture, we have evolved to integrate social media into most aspects of our online presence. As such, social media trends are taking over the marketing world.

Any ads that are created for outside web pages should be easily accessible and take the user right where they need to be. Consumers do not have the time nor the want to sift through tons of pages of information to get to what they originally clicked on. Make sure that all clickables are streamlined to go directly to what was first specified.

Don’t let your vision be clouded by all the “could be’s”. This is a quick way to discouraged oneself.  Discover your niche and expand from there. Use these tactics to spark some ingenious ideas and get your marketing campaign off and running.


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