How To Find The Time To Write & Podcast

By Carrie Aulenbacher, - In Productivity

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Does ‘me time’ seem like a myth to you? and you can never find the time to write and more?

Do you feel you have to be everything to everybody?  We wish we had time to develop a former hobby or try new creative projects.  But various lures often sap us of that extra time, making us feel we’ll never get everything done.  Do you find yourself falling into these traps?  Let us help you dig out!

How To Find The Time To Write and More

Wish I Was Writing

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Blank Page

You don’t have to be unemployed to become a published writer.  From articles here to full-length novels I’ve come to squeeze in 30 minutes here and there between work, kids and family so that I’m always busy writing.  Making time for my writing has tremendously helped boost my overall self-esteem, making my day job soar!  ‘The Early Bird Cafe’ has helped my romantic side find balance with my work side.

What I do is keep a journal.  Yes, I journal on my coffee breaks, I journal in the lunch room at work.  I even use a recorder app on my phone to keep notes for my writing projects while driving in the car!  Inspiration is everywhere, but don’t trust that you’ll always remember it.  Jot it down: thoughts, musings, jokes – write everything down!

Your Challenge

Write just one notebook page a day about a story.  In a year, you will have a full-length novel.  Will it be the best?  Maybe not.  But if it’s on your bucket list, here’s a way to achieve that goal!  Check my blog to read more of what makes my ‘one page a day’.

I Crave Collecting

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Searching & Collecting

Ever try to shop online and find yourself distracted by a million other things?  Make the ‘me time’ of collecting more dedicated by getting out of the house.  From local thrift shops to outdoor flea markets and garage sales, your area might have year around choices to get you moving and treasure hunting!  Sure, it’s not a targeted craigslist search, and you might not find something every weekend, but that’s what adventure is all about.

Make it a Saturday morning ritual – treat yourself to your favorite latte and hit the shops to mingle with your local economy. Or make it a day trip once a month to treat yourself after all the hard work you’ve turned in at the office! Everything is collectible these days.

Your Challenge

Search your newspaper for Sunday listings of estate sales.  They can occur year around as household sales to liquidate a deceased person’s belongings.  Usually only on weekends, it’s an excuse to make this ‘me time’ and you might find some really exotic treasures for your collection!  I’ve snagged a $ 200+ Griswold 30 pup for fifty cents this way!

Just A Piece Of Peace

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Not looking for anything but a bit of quiet?  Take yourself to lunch and don’t tell anyone where you’re going.  Even if you just end up at the local convenience store, have a car picnic and make that ‘me time’ count!  Sunshine and a change of scenery, even for a half hour, can drastically lighten your mood at work and help you get away.  Put on an audio book or rock out to your favorite station, kick off your shoes and chill!

Your Challenge

Hate that nobody at the office likes your favorite drive-thru?  Cut a coupon out for yourself!  Hate that everybody eats out and you’re the only one going the healthy route?  Find a local park or nearby parking lot and pack your lunch.  Let them wonder about where you went; this is seriously important ‘me time’ here!

I Ponder Podcasting

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We watch tons of YouTube these days – ever wish you had time to start your own channel?  Bring your camera with you!  Many already have cameras built into their smartphones, but for those that don’t, many point and shoot options are out there for around $100.  (Mine is a Canon Elph150IS – check some of my videos here)

If you don’t have a decent camera for life’s important moments, get yourself one!  (Black Friday isn’t far away)  Look into webcam options if you’re on a budget; some are less than $30.

Consider a dashcam; many cut podcast videos right in the car and upload them that night when they get home.  It could be a fun way for you to maximize that morning commute!  Many videos that get great exposure are never longer than 5 minutes.

Your Challenge

Don’t talk yourself out of this because you don’t have editing software.  YouTube has editing included free with your account that can stabilize shaky videos, add text and clean up basic things.  Share what inspires you on your channel and comment about it below so we can cheer you on!


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