How To Be Productive & Happy!

By Geoff Martin, - In Productivity

Picture of an Apple computer on a desk

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO of Mavens & Moguls, shares her best tips on being productive & also, happy!

I started a global marketing firm 13 years ago and my best tip on being productive is to first & foremost be happy. Here is my advice to get started:

# 1 Marry the right person for the right reasons! I believe that much of your happiness and sadness in life comes from that single decision of choosing the right life partner.

# 2 People tell you to “never burn a bridge” but I can say that really is great advice and can tell you dozens of stories over the years where that has served me well. You just never know when your paths will cross again with old colleagues, former bosses, etc. I got an introduction to one of my best clients ever from an old friend who basically stole my idea for an article. I wanted to bust the friend for plagiarism but ended up taking the high road instead and years later was remembered a someone who has great ideas which lead to the introduction to my client. Another time my boss’ boss used to make my life miserable and after I left the company and got a much bigger job my former senior management tracked me to down to help get him into my new company when I was in a position to help which I did and now that we have both moved on from that firm he has become one of my biggest champions and references and now remembers me as a strong team player he discovered with loads of potential (versus the junior person who used to threaten him). Recently I pitched a new client who did not hire us and instead of being nasty about it I took the high road and she thought I handled defeat in such a classy way she has steered other business our way and wants to hire us for the next project. Kill them with kindness and don’t ever burn that bridge, trust me it pays off!

#3 Treat yourself as well as you’d treat your best client, you are not good to anyone else if you are not at your best so take good care, eat well, sleep, exercise, etc.

#4 Instead of meeting up with your local friends at a coffee shop, a bar, over a meal or chatting with them on the phone, meet them for a bike ride or a walk so you can catch up while you are getting some exercise too. You’ll feel great after, the time will fly & it will be a fun activity to share. It works professionally too, I have clients who play golf so sometimes we meet at a driving range instead of the office to discuss things especially when you are trying to think outside the box. A change in venue is always nice and you feel so much better when you are moving and not trapped behind your desk. Find creative ways to multi task that incorporates exercise & you’ll be amazed how much more energy and time you have!

Image credit: deapeajay