How Hollywood Can Inspire Entrepreneurs?

By Jenepher Lane, - In Entrepreneurs

Picture of Entrepreneurial Hollywood Star

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldil

I’m drowning… I’m drowning in a sea of monotony. Ideas that have been used and reused over and over again. Whatever happened to an original idea?!?!

We see this in every part of media today. The question is… what can be done about it? Many may think nothing… but I’m intent to be a voice of change. I do appreciate that many of the new media forms (movies, music, tv &  more) are updated versions of old ideas but they’re still based on the old ideas. It’s obvious that creativity still exists but where did the originality go?

Hollywood can inspire entrepreneurs with it’s creativity, but maybe just maybe all the ideas are gone… Nah! It’s just that we’ve stopped looking for them. Now ask yourself why? There are endless opportunities out there if we just look for them.

What ideas do you have? What’s stopping you? Maybe your idea is to write the next best seller, or produce the next blockbuster, or maybe your idea is to create something. There is no dream that is too small to pursue.

I’m daring you to think outside the box.

I’m daring you to be different.

I’m daring you to take a chance.

I’m not guaranteeing success, but if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed. We are a world of thinkers, dreamers, and doers… Where do you fit into this mix?

The ideas of yesterday don’t have to be the dreams of tomorrow. Maybe those dreams will inspire others in ways we cannot yet imagine. The future is what we make of it and I can’t wait to see what’s possible.

I admit my ideas are not completely original either. They do however stem from those whose ideas have changed the world. So maybe if your idea is something that is just a little something extra something added to what we already have… so be it… but maybe, just maybe you might be the one to come up with the next original idea that will be an inspiration to someone else.


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