How ‘Active Listening’ Will Improve Your Sales Skills

By Geoff Martin, - In Marketing

Picture of a man listening to a child

Why you need to work on ‘Active Listening’

Any sales call or for that matter, a broader sales effort, requires that you listen to your customer. To be successful in sales, you must demonstrate “Active Listening”.

“Active Listening” requires that you sell your customer while also being responsive to any needs that you may not have initially anticipated. It is all too easy to spout out canned responses to rebut your customers concerns. However, the sign of a true sales master demands true “Active Listening”. All too frequently, new sales people or new start-up organizations have preconceived ideas about how their product should be viewed in the marketplace. It is always best to listen to your customer in order that you can be flexible and possibly even modify your sales approach or strategy along the way.

By doing these things, it will help you to get better at selling.

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    1. listeningimpact on

      Listening is a very complex skill. We each have a unique listening profile developed over our lifetime in our brain, body and emotions. Thus, there’s no one way of listening to customers, so it’s crucial to  tailor your listening to the patterns of your customers. Good speakers are good listeners too.


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