How 3D Printing Is Changing The World

By John Whiting, - In Entrepreneurs

How 3D Printing Is Changing The World with Trevor Abbott on Outta The Box Tv

From seeing huge growth in 3D printing, especially over the last year, it has become apparent that 3D printing is here to stay, and is changing the world as we know it.

We are now seeing incredible things being made from 3D printing, from printing human cells, cars, and apparently even human organs! (although, I have not seen it).

This video is a short interaction on Outta The Box TV with Trevor Abbott of Spinchill. 22 year old Trevor developed his product using 3D printing that allowed him to accelerate the product development stage. If he didn’t use 3D printing, it could have taken him 6 months or more to develop what 3D printing did in less than half that time. It’s opening up new possibilities for all kinds of businesses.

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