Hitting Your Target Market With Narrowcasting

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

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Contributed by Julie Austin, Founder of Speaker Sponsor, the only online directory for small businesses looking to sponsor speakers at conferences and events.

Struggling To Reach Your Target Audience? Try Narrowcasting

You’re sitting at home watching TV and a commercial comes on for a product you’re not even remotely interested in, whether it’s a wacky infomercial for a new kitchen product, or a drug for a different gender, adult diapers, or baby diapers.
It’s the 18-80 advertising mentality of reaching as many people as possible with your message. It’s also extremely expensive and a waste of ad dollars targeting people who have never been your customers and will never be your customers. These days companies can’t afford to waste ad dollars on anything that doesn’t bring them a good return on investment, so many are turning to creative niche markets to get their message out.
This is actually good news for businesses, especially small businesses with limited budgets. Instead of trying tocast your net widely through broadcasting, there are now many other ways of targeting your exact audience through narrowcasting that are much more effective. And with the reduced costs and smaller audience you can target them more often with more engagement.


Narrowcasting started right about the time cable TV became popular. If you sold a product for young people who were interested in music, you could put a commercial on MTV and avoid spending money advertising to people who weren’t interested in your product on regular network TV stations.
With dozens of new TV shows on dozens of TV channels, there’s no doubt you could find at least one that broadcasts to your target audience, whether it’s about fishing, golf, cooking, or home remodeling.
There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs that reach your target audience where you could put banner ads, links or blog post sponsorship. I still get orders from a blog that posted a small blurb about one of my businesses years ago.

Using Podcasting

The podcast and internet radio market is booming and is full of niche markets, some with very large listenership. Many podcasters are also looking for sponsorship and have great advertising rates to fit a small budget.
The future of marketing and advertising will be narrowcasting in the niche markets and in creative guerrilla marketing. This will open up tons of new opportunities for small businesses to compete with large corporations, and for large corporations to find smaller niche markets to target. The more narrow you set your focus, the more intimate your conversations with your target audience will become, and the more passionate they will be about what you have to offer.

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