A Great Marketing Strategy For A Home Based Business

By John Whiting, - In Marketing

Picture of a full room at a seminar

Contributed by author & speaker, Barry Maher, www.barrymaher.com

My favorite strategy for marketing strategy for home based business is one that I built my own business on. I speak to and consult with businesses of all sizes. My marketing consists of simply try doing the best possible job for the customers I already have. There’s no marketing anywhere nearly as powerful as a satisfied customer.

As a keynote speaker and workshop leader, I’m in a business where it’s easy to spend six figures a year on marketing. And initially we were doing the same thing. Then we completely changed our strategy. Today I spend almost nothing. We generate business the old stodgy, old-fashion way:  We simply concentrate on doing the best possible job I can for my each one of my clients. And I price my services to position myself as the most affordable speaker of my caliber and credentials available. And since we initiated that strategy, referrals and word of mouth generate more business than anything else we do.

We don’t send out thousands of glossy one-sheets and brochures, and our website might not be as slick, but we’ll happily match the quality of the presentations against anyone in the industry. At any fee. So clients are delighted to refer us to their associates.

Hopefully this tip will help to excel your home based business.


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