Follow The Get Things Done (GTD) System To Improve Productivity

By Geoff Martin, - In Productivity

A Picture of three wooden blocks with letters 'G' 'T' 'D' on

One multi-tasking/prioritization thing I like to follow is a system called GTD (Get Things Done). This system, essentially helps you compartmentalize items into several buckets. (and by items I mean, emails, letters, projects, ect.)

You basically divide things into:

Actionable Items – which you need to address right away (within the day)

To-Do Items – which are less of a priority, but still should address by you

Waiting On Items – which you are waiting on (you would periodically follow up on these)

-File Away Items – to keep for future reference..

You can create the above as folders in your email or physical folders (if you’re still dealing with a lot of of paperwork)
With this simple filing system, I am able to focus on the most important items. The system also helps ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Image credit: carlescv