Flickr CC Images Can Still Get You In Trouble

By Henry Reith, - In Marketing

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With Christmas around the corner, it seems like there’s more advertising then ever this year. One thing all of this advertising has in common is its use of visuals to draw you in.

So it seems like the perfect time of year to bring in a images specialist to tell us a little more about images and how to use them. In this interview we talked to Amos Struck Of who has been in the industry for over 10 years.

During this interview we talk about:

  • How to avoid the cliché stock image
  • Why using Creative Commons images from Flickr could still get you sued
  • How the industry has been changing over the last few years (see info graphic below the 2014 trends)
  • And Amos reveals the top stock photography trends to look out for in 2015.

Also as Amos mentioned in our chat you for a limited time you can:

win a years subscription to his stock photo agency here.

Important Links From The Discussion:

To win a years worth of stock image’s click here:

2014’s Stock photo trends can be found here:

& You can scroll down to see the photography trends fo 2014 below and can see the full article here:

Infographic from

50 Trends in Photography to Watch out for 2014! Photophotography Trends 2014 (Infographic)


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